Saturday, July 30, 2011

Girls Camp

For the first time in 14 years I get to go to my church's Girls Camp!  Girls camp is only for girls 12-18.  It usually lasts for a week and consists of both "camp stuff" and "spiritual stuff" (both technical terms).  They asked me to go as a co-cabin mom for one of the 2 year cabins.  I'm so excited that the other cabin mom is a fantastic woman and one of my new good friends.

We are leaving at 8am Monday morning.  Which means, that if I need to go buy anything like soap holders, green nail polish or bug spray I have to do it today (since I don't shop on Sundays).  I was planning on going when my wonderful husband came home from work so I didn't have to drag my beautiful angelic children with me, but he just called and told me he'll be a work until midnight......

.....SCRATCH THAT!!!  He just walked in the door!  I'm so out of here!