While driving in the car with my children, after a very hectic week of grown up meetings and two parties, the kids asked why they could never go to parties like me. They were not liking the idea that grown ups could stay up past their bedtime and play with their friends, but they had to go to bed and "NEVER" got to go to parties. I, being a good mother, asked them if they would like to have a party. They became very excited and started listing off all of the friends they wished to invite, which was all of their friends. Andrew asked with we could have carrot sticks at our party and Lissy jumped in with an excited, "AND CUPCAKES!?'"
So there it was. We would have a party with ALL of our friends and serve carrot sticks and cupcakes. Truth be told, be never did have the party, life got busy and it just didn't happen. Maybe one day we'll get around to it. Until then, enjoy the blog!