Monday, October 3, 2011

Toddler Management

When we first moved into our new ward  (congregation) at church I was surprised at the lack of reverence in Sacrament meeting.  Over the last year or two it has improved, but there are still some families I want to shake and say "PLEASE stop sending YOUR toddler to every one else's bench.  Sit with your own child I already have my own to watch!"  or "Please put your buffet lunch away until later!  I'm tired of the crumbs and the noisy wrappers!"  or "The pews are NOT jungle gyms!"  But...I don't want to offend and really its not my place.

When I read this post today over at The Idea Room I wanted to broadcast it to the world ...or at least my ward!
So, if you have toddlers and are getting frustrated at church when you spend more time in the hall than the classroom go over and read "Toddler Management 101" and be inspired!

By the way, I'm not saying that my family is perfectly reverent, we have spent our fair share sitting in empty classrooms or in the hall.  I have broken out the candy when I just could not take another second of whining.  My kids have crawled under benches faster than I can grab their little ankles.  But we are trying and as they get older it gets easier....except for the moody pre-pre-teen.  But that is probably a whole different blog post!