Monday, November 10, 2008

Product Photography

I added product photography to my list of service this week. I noticed a lot of etsy shops have some great items for sale, but they were not photographed to show them off the best way possible.

I already have an order to photograph some pacifier clips. You know, those ingenious little inventions that clip the binkie to your child's shirt, so you won't loose it! I am in need of some models. I need baby girls, infant to 18 months-ish. You would receive a FREE mini session in exchange for a few shots of your daughter with a pacifier. You are then welcome to purchase any prints you wish, with or without binkie. It's your choice!

If you are interested and available in the very near future (as soon as they arrive in the mail, I'll need to photograph them right away) please let me know. I have a phone, and email address and a comment section, all of them work pretty good!

Also, if you're interested in your children being models for other types of clothing in the future, just let me know. I'll put you in my model file and I'll contact you if I need you.

(Oh and if your in the market for an awesome caterer, I can get you the hook up. Those desserts were AMAZING!)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas Barter ~ 2008

I know, I had this idea a little late in the season, but there is still plenty of time. Right? I decided this year to make everyone's Christmas present, with the exception of a few gifts I had already purchased (sorry Julie). I know, what a great idea! Its cheaper and more personal! But here is the problem...I don't have that many ideas and talents!

This is where you come in! I know many of my readers are pretty crafty or they have their own little shops. If you have something that you think I might be interested in, let me know. You can post a comment or sent me an email. I kind of have a "want list" over on my other blog I'll be trading my photography services and products for your services and/or products.

I'm located in Modesto, CA and I'm in Sonora ALL the time. And I'm willing to travel if the offer is right.