Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Eve in San Francisco

Every year, except when I'm pregnant or sick, we venture into "the city" on Christmas Eve. It is Aaron's favorite family traditions. His family has been going for many years. Now, I usually drag my feet to get there, because going means missing out on my family's annual Christmas Eve traditions and forfeiting my place in the chocolate line, but I always have fun once we are there.

This year, we made our first stop in Ghiridelli Square. We went in to have their world famous Hot Fudge Sundae. We were NOT disappointed. We ordered the brownie sundae and a hot chocolate to share. That was, by far, the best dessert I've had in a long time.

We made our way down to Pier 39. On the way, we stop at a few art galleries and a barely missed the Maritime museum by 1 minute! We let the kids play on the giant anchor for a little while.

The name of the bread company escapes me right now, but there was a beautiful old building with a bakery. It had a full glass window, where we could watch the bakers shape the dough into crabs, lobsters, snowmen, and even a giant alligator! I got in trouble with my grand father the next day. Apparently I was suppose to pick up a loaf or two of sour dough bread, but I didn't get the memo.

We made our annual hat and glove purchase at Baby GAP. The kids all got to pick a pair of gloves, Sarah's gloves came with a matching hat.

Over at Pier 39, we had a nice dinner at Sweet Louie's. It was good, but I can never enjoy a meal when I know I'm spending that much money on it (shhhh...don't tell Aaron, he quite enjoyed it.) I don't usually let me kids play under the table, but I could tell Sarah was close to reaching her limits. The table cloth went all the way to the floor and she was quite, so I let her be.

Overall, it was a nice family trip. I'm glad I went, even if I dragged my feet all the way to the car.


Supercool Hotmama said...

That looks like a really fun way to spend Christmas Eve! But I hear ya on missing out on the family traditions too. Luckily I never have to bend for my DH's family - his Mom is 2000 miles away and we get along BEaUtifully! Heeheehee.

Anonymous said...

Hi, visiting from Tip Junkie.
Your post brought back memories of my Honeymoon, 9 years ago in May. SF will always hold a special place in our heart, and yes, I had the Chocolate sunday at G. Sq, oh my how wonderful it was.

As me and hubby live in midwest and when first married lived in chicago burbs, we would go into the city (Chicago) on Christmas eve. We have moved away from there but one of these days would like to take the kids there for Christmas eve.