Monday, June 21, 2010

Southern California ( a post stolen from my sister)

Julie wrote about her trip to Newport Beach on her blog last week.  Since we pretty much did the same thing, I'm just going to copy her post.

I went down to Newport Beach with my family last weekend. My parents and I spent a week there Friday to Friday and my sister (thats me)and her family joined us Friday to Wednesday. After getting there we all decided to go to Disneyland for a day (Aaron and I had our free "give a day- get a day" passes). We were waiting outside the gate when it opened and left right before the park closed. We ran around all day. It was nice that we went in October and got most of it done so we could now see what we missed and take our time without running too much.

To save some time and money, we packed lunch and dinner and ate in the parking lot. (I made chicken salad and croisants for  lunch and taco salad for dinner.  Both were extra yummy.)

We got fast passes for the rides we could get fast passes for so we wouldn't have to wait too long in lines. One line that took A LOT longer than we expected and were planning was the Nemo submarine ride. This was mostly because the audio on the submarine we were first put in wasn't working so they then had to unload us and reload us. Because of this, they gave a free fast pass/head of the line pass so we used it on Space Mountain at the end of the night. We had fun, but Andrew and Lissy looked a little unsure.

The day after Disneyland, we were so tired, we slept until we woke up. Of course, the kids woke up at a somewhat normal time for them. We sat around quite a bit and some of us decided to walk down to the local beach. We found some cool rocks to look at and some tide pools to explore.  (This is where a squirrel tried to steal Sarah's cracker.  I've never seen one get as close as this one did.  I had to run at it with a shoe to scare it off, but it kept inching forward.)

After my sister went home, my parents and I went down to Desert Hot Springs to visit my dad's aunt. It was really hot.  (We missed this part.)

The day after we got back into town, my nephew, Andrew, was baptized. He had asked me to speak about baptism which was an easier topic than my talk in sacrament meeting a few weeks ago. (Julie did an awesome job on her talk.  So did my mother on her's.  So many family members came to join us on this special day, it was great!)

Our cousins came into town for the day so we went to the Castle Air Museum and walked around all of the planes and jets. Yet again, another hot day. (VERY HOT!)

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Linda Johnston said...

Looks like a fabulous trip!