Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Happy List

Its been a long time since I last posted.  I guess I've kind of been in a funk.  It happens.  I may not be out of it yet but I remember someone telling me when I'm feeling blue I should count my blessings.  So when I read Mamarazzi's Happy List this morning I thought, "Hey, why not?"

So, here it goes.   
My Happy List

1. My living room wall is blue.  My dad hates it.  He's never said as much, but he offers to help me paint it every time he comes over.  But I LOVE IT!  Its the perfect shade of blue.  (Now I wished I had painted the other walls a warmer shade of cream, but that's not the point.)  I love my blue wall, and one day my bedroom will be "tan-ish".

2. I have high speed internet at home.  A very nice installer came the other day, asked me where I wanted it installed and then he went to work.  An hour later I was uploading a 1900MB file in under 30 minutes.  It makes my job so much easier.

3. My husband is getting a new job.  I can't go into all the details, but its good, really really good.

4. I have wonderful councilors.  I'm the Young Women's President at church.  I'm in charge of the 12-18 year old Young Women and I have two of the best councilors ever.  We cleaned out our closet this week and with out them I wouldn't have been able to throw anything away. And there was lots of stuff to throw away.

5. I bought mini bagels last night at Target.  I love mini bagels toasted with some butter.  Mmmmm, best breakfast all week!

6. I know what the upcoming giveaway is on and its a good one.  I love knowing secrets!

7. I bought all the ingredients to make Alfajores.  Dulce de leche isn't cheap.  I think I'll try and find out how to make it next time.

8. Its Saturday and the neighbor kid didn't ring my door bell at 6:45am to see if the kids were ready for school.  


Mamarazzi said...

this is a GREAT list. it is so true about counting your blessings, you can't help but feel better once you are done.

i like secrets too...tee hee!

Linda Johnston said...

I love your list!

{leah} said...

I love mini bagles too! they are just the right size. Great happy list!

{thank you for stopping by :) }