Monday, January 31, 2011

Its been way to long...

Quick Random Recaps
(or caps, since I never told you in the first place) of the last few months

-Aaron likes his new job.  He's gone a lot and when he's home, he's tired.
-Work sent him to Georgia for 3 weeks for training.  It was a long 3 weeks.  Hard to not have back up, but also easier since I had one less person's laundry to wash and lunches to make.

-He came home on Saturday evening and had to report back to work on Sunday at 6am.  I wasn't too pleased with the scheduler.  He's on my bad list.

-I photographed a local Jr.College Graduation class this weekend.  Its always fun.  All the ladies had really cute shoes.  It made me want to go back and finish my BS (the graduation, not the shoes).  I looked at CSU Stanislaus' website today.  The deadline to apply for fall is tomorrow.  I don't think I'll make it.

-Both girls had birthdays.  Lissy turned 7.  Sarah turned 4 ...again.

-I have 3 sessions to edit right not, but I have 3 weeks of TV I need to catch up on.  Its a tough decision Aaron took the laptop with him and my computer doesn't have any speakers.

-Someone needs to do dishes.  By someone I don't mean me, but it will probably end up being me.

-I bought a dishwasher on craigslist a few months ago.  Its still in the garage.  No one loves me enough to install it for me.

-Sarah keeps feeding the dog gum.

-The dog has chewed up 3 shoes.  All Sarah's.  All different pairs.

-I decided that if I ever have another baby girl, her name will be "Jane Marie Michelle Princess Conzuela Banana Hammock Conn"

-If I have a boy, his name will be "Xaiver Conn"  so if he ever goes and works with his dad his uniform will say "X. Conn" on the name tag.

-I like peaches.  I can't wait for fresh peach season.

-When Aaron was hired he got a nice sign on bonus.  We used some of that money to buy new gutters and paint for the house.  Then it started raining.

-We sold our big work truck.  We used the money we made to buy new windows for the house.  Then Aaron left for Georgia.

-I have a pile of paint, gutters, windows and a dishwasher in my garage.  My house will be pretty one day....soon.

-The day after Aaron left for Georgia, Lissy broke one of her bedroom windows.  Of course it is one of the 3 windows we didn't buy replacements for.  It is currently being held together with tape and cardboard.  It makes the front of my house look really "classy".

-I read my cousin Linda's blog the other day, I know exactly how she feels.

-I'm having a print sale on my photography blog.  It ends today.

-I'm making a really pretty present for my SIL Randi.  I want to keep it.

-I'm planning a trip to visit Utah in the spring.

-I'm making a 7 layer bean dip for dinner tonight.

-I like to make Jello in 1 quart mason jars.  I don't have to measure anything.  Just fill it with about 1 cup hot water and jello.  Put the lid on and shake.  Fill the rest up with cold water.  Put the lid on and shake.  Put it in the fridge for tomorrow.  Plus it looks kind of cool.

-I've also been thinking about hiring a landscape designer and professional organizer (or not professionals, just someone who is good at it) because I'm not.

-....I think I ran out of random things.


Pam said...

Love it!

Sad I wasn't mentioned.

You could skip naming a son Xavier and go with Xander... less geeky.

Linda Johnston said...

Wow! I feel special I was mentioned on your blog! Loved your post today. Seems we are having similar lives. I'm going to have to try that jello in a mason jar.

Josh loves Anna said...

Diane. When can we come down and 'help a Cousin out'? I guess we wouldn't be a whole lot of help with all the kids in tow, but we could sic Josh and Aaron on projects while the rest keep the dog away from the shoes.
-Josh and Anna

P.S. Can you get the jell-o out in one piece?

Diane Conn said...

The Jello doesn't come out in one piece, we just scoop it out. Sometimes we get creative and make it in layers.