Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yellow Bug

I used to drive around town in this yellow bug when I was in high school.  It belonged to Megs, my bubbly, cute and adorable best friend.  If you weren't careful you could lose a shoe through the hole in the floor board, but it got us from point A to point B and when you're 16 that's all that matters!

Megan's family asked me to stop by their house this weekend and take their family's extended family portrait.  (That was an adventure in its own.)  While I was packing up my gear I turned and saw my handsome hunk of a husband and 2 of my 3 favorite children leaning so picturesquely against my favorite yellow bug I had to snap a picture.  My husband HATES having a camera in his face so this is the only one I got, but I LOVE it!  I tell him that he really did marry the wrong person if he has a problem with cameras, he disagrees.

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