Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Stuff

I don't update my blog very often.

The kids only have a few more weeks of school left.

I have a few months left.  8 months to be exact.

And then I start more school.  I have an exciting life.

Our kitchen remodel is almost done.  I probably shouldn't have said that, now something will happen to delay it even more.  We have half of the floor put in.  After that, it will be fully functional again.

I wrote a children's book.  Its quite good.  My kids tell me it is.  It was an assignment in my art class.  That class ended 7 weeks ago and the teacher hasn't returned it yet.  Maybe its because he likes it so much.

I bought flip flops.  I've missed flip flops.  Did  you know that walking in flip flops silently is near impossible?

We went to Yosemite a few weeks ago.  Andrew doesn't like having his picture taken recently.  Silly kid!  If he would learn to just smile, mom would take the pic and move one.

He may take after his father.

Just be happy Andrew.

I had read that Yosemite had an ice cream parlor.  We packed in our own lunch and dinner so that we could spend our food budget on ice cream!  Sadly, it was not open for the season yet, despite the fact we were one of thousands of families there that day.  We had to settle for drumsticks from the store.  You can tell from Lissy's picture that she was highly disappointed.
This is just after Andrew realized that mom doesn't have to look through the view finder to actually take a picture.

Even with my wide angle lens, I wasn't able to get the falls and the kids in the same frame.  This is the combination of 2 shots.

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Joshua Hammari said...

Thanks for sharing about your awesome trip. We love seeing photos of you guys - especially Andrew!