Monday, July 20, 2009

My Bathroom - The BEFORE

I'm going to tease you a bit, just a little bit. Not because I like to make you wait, but because I forgot my memory card with the after pictures! So, after pictures will come tomorrow. Until then, take a look at the before pictures of our "new" bathroom. Now, I hope you're sitting down, because the following images are NOT pretty.

Bathroom window, not terribly awful, other than the fact that it leaked and the window casing (that was suppose to be repaired before we bought it) was rotting away.

Awesome mirror and medicine cabinet. Aaron was the only one tall enough to look in the mirror. Have you noticed our pretty green tile yet?

Doesn't this picture make you want to jump right in and take a soak in the tub?
By the way, its hard to see, but the edge of the vanity actually is sitting on the side of the tub. I've never seen that before.

The linoleum wasn't bad. There was some water damage to the floor, so the sellers were required to fix the floor before escrow would close. If any of you ever need to replace a floor like a professional, here's how you do it.
1) rip up existing linoleum.
2) cut out the bad parts of the boards, but only the bad parts.
3)replace them with scraps of wood and lay a sheet of whatever wood you have laying around on top.
4)not level? that's OK. Just pour on a gallon of level quick.
5) place down some nice linoleum...but heaven forbid you glue it down. Just use double sided sticky tape around the edges and call it good.
See, even a complete moron could do fact, I think one did!

This is the only problem we haven't been able to solve. We're thinking about putting in a bi fold door for the bathroom. Anyone have any suggestions? At least this way I'm almost guaranteed that my children will shut the door when using the facilities.

Come back tomorrow to see the 94% completed bathroom!

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