Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Disneyland Yard Sale

I know, you all just got really excited. You are probably trying to come up with ways to run down to Anaheim and pick up a set of giant tea cups and maybe a spinning wheel in the back of your mini van. I'm sorry to disappoint you, but its not actually Disneyland that is having a yard sale, it is us. You see our truck broke last week and Tinkerbell did NOT come and wave her magic wand over it to fix it. We had to tap into our vacation fund so that we could get to work and stuff.

We've been planning a pretty cool trip for a while now, and I'd rather not cancel it. So, we are having a yard sale. The goal is to make 3 billion dollars so we can take you all with us. A thousand will get us by but you'll have to buy your own tickets.

We have alot of baby stuff like a high chair, some toddler clothes & toys. A double stroller too.

We have beautiful barely used 3 piece bedroom set. It comes with a dresser, mirror and night stand. We bought it for my parents, who decided they liked thier old one better so we took it back.

We have several matteresses and box springs. Most are new, some are used. (we used to own a mattress store)So, if you're in Atwater this weekend, stop by and buy some of our stuff. Email me if you need directions or an address. Or if you want anything that I've mentioned but don't want to wait until Saturday, please email me and I can "hook you up".


Pam said...

Boy do I wish I lived in the area! I especially could use a couple twin mattresses...

Diane Conn said...

Sorry Pam, I don't think we have any twins, but we can probably get you some.

Jami Schoettler said...

It's probably already sold, but how much were you asking for the dresser?

Diane Conn said...

Actually the dresser didn't sell. We had a lot of people interested, but no takers.

We're asking $425 or best offer.