Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Monday & Tuesday

We left for camp an hour later than we had planned on Monday morning but we arrived safely and we weren't late.  I met the beautiful girls in my cabin and handed out all the extra supplies I was told I wasn't going to need but did.  Two girls (sisters) forgot their entire toiletry bag.  I must have been inspired to pack exactly 2 extra toothbrushes and full size shampoo and conditioner!

We made our camp shirt out of a M&M stamp I made using some craft foam and the bottom of a tape container.  (I'll post a tutorial later if anyone is interested.)

There were fun camp songs, skits and ditties.  By 10pm I was exhausted.  Just as I was falling asleep that night I was startled awake by what I thought was a mountain lion.  Turns out someone in our cabin snores...loudly!

Tuesday morning was spent at the tide pools. Tuesday afternoon I took a short nap and then chatted with my co-cabin mom until the Camp Director came in with her phone and a message to call home.  I knew what the call would be about, and I was right.  I didn't get my 1-2 weeks.  I got two days.  Grandma Vincent had passed away.  While I knew it was coming and it shouldn't have been a shock, it was.  Somehow I knew months in advance that she would pass while I was away at camp.  I think it was the Holy Ghost telling me "don't go to camp or be prepared to leave early."  But I didn't listen.  I went.  I wasn't really prepared to come home early, but I did. 

The women at camp were amazing.  Those who I chose to tell or were near by when I found out, jumped in to replace me in the cabin, help me pack my things and get everything squared away.  I asked them not to tell the girls why I was leaving.  I didn't mind them knowing, but number 1, I didn't want to be a downer on their camp experience, and number 2, I couldn't handle 100 young women and girls hugging me and telling me they were sorry. 

That night, we had a lesson in our cabin about being a virtuous woman.  There was a half carved statue of a woman wearing next to nothing close to the entrance of the camp.  After lights out we gathered up all the extra blankets and sheets available, snuck down there and dressed her! The above picture is the best I have for now.  I talked to the young women about modesty when we came back and about having virtue.  I bore them my testimony that they are LOVED daughters of God.  I told them that they were all born full of virtue and that we were they only ones who could let our virtue go.  It was a very touching moment that I will remember forever.

I didn't sleep too well that night.  And on Wednesday morning after breakfast, I drove the 4 hours home. 

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