Monday, August 8, 2011

Update since last post

I did run out and did a little bit of shopping before I got a frantic and firm call from my husband telling me to drop everything and come home NOW.  I walked in our front door to what looked like a horror film with blood covering walls, towels and my bed.  My youngest daughter somehow managed to drop a pretty heavy ceramic lamp on her head.  Husband threw daughter in the car and said, "GO!"

So off I drive to the nearest urgent care, which closed 45 minutes earlier.  I drive another 8  minutes to the next urgent care which had closed earlier than the door said it should....dumb door!  Next stop, hospital Emergency Room.

I have driven to this hospital at least 5 times and have driven right past it at least a dozen more.  But this time, I made every wrong turn imaginable.  By the time I got inside, I gave them the wrong daughter's name, the wrong birthday and my mother's telephone number when they asked for mine.    I've decided that all of this information (including a map and operating times of all close emergency centers) needs to be written down and in my purse at all times.  I'll be working on that next week.  They asked me if she had lost consciousness.  I told them I don't think so, but I'm pretty sure my husband did.  Then we sat.

Four hours and $5 in vending machine pop tarts (which I had a case of in my car but couldn't go out and get lest I missed hearing her name) later, they finally called her back, cleaned up her 1 inch head wound and glued it back together.  This whole process took less than 10 minutes and cost us a $50 co pay.  I could complain about that copay, in fact I did, but at least I had insurance.

Overall she was a trooper.  Didn't cry once while they were scrubbing her cut ( I almost did).

She was asleep before her head hit the pillow that night.  My husband had cleaned up all the blood, a giant feat for him, and had it all in the washing machine before I got home.  I had to run out to the grocery store to finish my girls camp shopping, which included food for the week I was gone so my dear sweet husband wouldn't starve to death for 5 days.

And thus concludes night number 1 of 8 of not having any sleep whatsoever.  To be continued.

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About Me said...

Ugg. I do NOT look forward to those days of rushing to the emergency room.. though I know I'm bound for at least one or two as my daughter grows up! *knock on wood*